Corporate Glamping Conference

It's a brand new way for your firm to conference and go offsite, Anywhere

At Elsewhere we're driven to find the new angle - the new way of doing things that will help you achieve your business objectives.

For us, creativity and innovation have never been so important and we believe that it's time to build it into your event, right from the off.

We know that in business it's calculated risks that take you forward, so with Elsewhere you're in safe hands. We'll take the time to really get under the hood and understand what you are setting out to achieve.

Our corporate glamping conferences are a light-year away from the office yet only 30 minutes on the train from London….it’s special and a break from the predictable and the formulaic. We'll do whatever it takes to make the break from boring hotels and plain-vanilla formats. Which is why we put so much effort into building a big conference in a big field!

Predictable and safe never creates big impact and that's why you'll hear us say quite a bit- life’s too short for ordinary.

Take a look at our corporate glamping conference here: