Corporate Glamping

With 3 stunning venues to choose from – a Hertfordshire farm, a 79 acre Grade II mansion and our stunning 6 acre Tudor manor – Hill House Norfolk.

We take a green field and turn it into a best in class conference. Festivals are all the rage and we think it’s about time that your firm has one of its own. We take care of everything and create a big event that’s a real alternative from the usual and predictable hotel chains.

Combining the 9 bedroom Manor and the Hill House Glamping Orchard to bring your team together in an extraordinary new way.

Our corporate glamping orchard combined with Hill House is a light-year away from the office yet only 90 minutes on the train from London It’s really special and a break from the predictable and the formulaic. We can even pick you up from Diss station in vintage coaches to set the tone right from the off…

It’s about what you’ll be doing on your corporate glamping retreat and this year we are building a brand new experience:

MasterChef: Farmyard Edition. Theo Michaels our Executive Chef made the semi-finals in MasterChef in 2014 and he will be the lead facilitator. Teams have to work in their groups to produce an incredible meal – including milking the cow, sheep shearing, cheese making, egg hunt, tractor driving and potato digging, building a fire and cooking and serving.

We deliver full event design, build + delivery. Take a look at the video below to see one of our outdoor events and please let us know if we can help. It’s time to get outdoors, corporate glamping by Elsewhere is a real alternative to traditional and predictable hotels.

Corporate glamping by Elsewhere. Contact us at

Artist in Residence at Hill House Norfolk

Every year at Hill House Norfolk we invite an artist to come and stay. They get to unwind a little bit with friends and family and leave behind some fantastic art for future guests to enjoy. It’s brilliant fun and a real win-win for everyone.

We’ve had some amazing artists over the years including Melissa Launay, Eelus and id-iom. And in our Anywhere outdoor events business we’ve been honoured to work with Inkie.

This years Hill House artist in residence has been Kunstrasen and we were so excited to have him stay. He flew over from Germany with his family to be with us for a week over the Easter holidays.

Kunstrasen is a German stencil artist who derives his name from the German term for astroturf. In addition to a sly bit of wordplay, kunst=art and rasen=speeding in German, his chosen moniker is relevant to lots of questions in the art world today, relating to issues of authenticity, mimicry, and mass production.

We let Kunstrasen loose on our games room as it was the room most in need of a little refresh and by chance has astro turf for carpet. So it all seemed to make sense…

Here’s his legendary spot remover in the games room and there’s another 2 amazing walls for guests to find and enjoy. And our big spot remover has a fantastic twist to it - just turn on the UV lights that sit underneath to illuminate the line “Never wipe the fun away” - a line that’s so so true but very easy to forget.


Corporate Offsite Meeting With Glamping

OFFSITE Camping Retreat

Introducing a brand new way to conference or go offsite for an overnighter this Summer at Hill House Norfolk.

Combine the 9 bedroom Tudor Manor House and the Hill House Glamping Orchard to bring your team together in an extraordinary new way.

Our corporate glamping orchard combined with Hill House is a light-year away from the office yet only 90 minutes on the train from London….it’s really special and a break from the predictable and the formulaic.

And why not start your Hill House and glamping offsite as you mean to continue and we can pick you up from Diss station in the vintage coaches - they’re very cool and it gets everyone revved up about what’s ahead.

There’s lots of activities to choose from, amazing food and drink, lots of entertainment, different types of structures and the full Elsewhere experience from start two finish.

It’s really different and a break from the predictable hotel chains and with all the facilities of Hill House on-hand - whether you are looking for team building sessions, presentations, motivational speakers, breakouts, some valuable downtime or a great big party - we’ve got it covered (and usually it’s a bit of a mixture of all of the above!)

From more information on our glamping offsites take a look at our dedicated outdoor events website here:

Hill House and Glamping Orchard Offsite

Hill House and Glamping Orchard Offsite

The pool party: The perfect follow-on to a Chateau Provence wedding weekend

We can't think of a finer way to enjoy the day after your wedding than around the chateau pool. Sat right in the heart of The Chateau, it's the centrepiece for a relaxed afternoon with friends and family.

After the big day and big night we love taking things a little slower on the Sunday. With the chilled-Ibiza sounds wafting around the chateau, a pool party fits nicely into the rhythm of St Maximin and and a lazy Sunday afternoon.

We bring our BBQs, music and drinks. And with the glorious Provençal sunshine on tap- just add your friends and family and you are good to go. The chateau raised garden terrace is the perfect spot for our BBQ and amazing salad displays, it's a really big draw. It's a beautiful setting and there is always lots to talk about from the previous day.

We had lamb, we had fish, we had rabbit... we had a lot! All accompanied by Theo's vegetarian grazing table

We had lamb, we had fish, we had rabbit... we had a lot! All accompanied by Theo's vegetarian grazing table

Take a look at a short video that captures chateau-life perfectly. With the jacuzzi and sun deck on the top floor, we've a multiple of ways to recharge your batteries.

Enjoy a pool party as part of your Chateau Provence wedding weekend. A brilliant way to wrap up a very special wedding and to thank and say goodbye to some of your guests in style. 

The Chateau Provence. Life's too short for ordinary.

A new generation of La Clusaz Ski Chalets

The Mayor's House.jpg

The Mayors House is a beautiful building and is unlike any other La Clusaz ski chalet in the area. 

Nestled in the countryside of La Clusaz, the ski chalet is just 20 minutes away from the main ski lift in La Clusaz (and don’t worry, we have a complimentary mini bus to drop you off in the morning and pick you up after a day of skiing!).

There are tons of La Clusaz ski chalets but the Mayors House (which used to be the Mayors House!) is for groups of people that want something different, that want to be surrounded by beautiful design, comfort with plenty of toys to play with..

But there’s more to it than just that, which I’ll get to in a minute..

After an exhilarating day skiing or boarding on the slopes of La Clusaz you are picked up by your own mini bus, brought back to your plush ski pad and can kick back and relax with a welcome cocktail waiting for you and a roaring open fire to warm up in front of.

After a huge investment and refurbishment the Mayors House is positioned to offer an alternative to the rest of the la clusaz ski chalets out there. 

But what makes the Mayors House special is more than just bricks and mortar and funky design. Sure, it’s cool to have your own hot-tub bubbling away looking out onto the mountains.. and nobody ever complains about having a roaring open log fire to snuggle up in front of, and while I think about it, having two sauna’s on the premises is also pretty cool, or hot, whatever…

The magic is that you are staying in an Elsewhere venue. And with that, means you experience the Elsewhere magic, the secret fairy-dust service and imagination that Elsewhere is famous for. 

From cocktails on arrival to your own onsite host looking after your every need. You concentrate on having fun on the slopes – we concentrate on ensuring the rest of your time is equally exceptional. 

Experience the exceptional with an Elsewhere stay at the Mayors House – more than just another La Clusaz Ski Chalet. 

Life’s too short for ordinary

Vic and Jon's Glamping Wedding

Getting outdoors brings a whole new feel to a wedding.

We love putting on a big show through our outdoors venues business, Anywhere.

Check out this slideshow of Vic and Jon's outdoors wedding that shows Hertfordshire at its best.


And also take a look at the video that captures their stunning outdoor wedding with us. Sometimes you don't want to be confined by walls and we've got the solution for that :)

Corporate Glamping Conference

It's a brand new way for your firm to conference and go offsite, Anywhere

At Elsewhere we're driven to find the new angle - the new way of doing things that will help you achieve your business objectives.

For us, creativity and innovation have never been so important and we believe that it's time to build it into your event, right from the off.

We know that in business it's calculated risks that take you forward, so with Elsewhere you're in safe hands. We'll take the time to really get under the hood and understand what you are setting out to achieve.

Our corporate glamping conferences are a light-year away from the office yet only 30 minutes on the train from London….it’s special and a break from the predictable and the formulaic. We'll do whatever it takes to make the break from boring hotels and plain-vanilla formats. Which is why we put so much effort into building a big conference in a big field!

Predictable and safe never creates big impact and that's why you'll hear us say quite a bit- life’s too short for ordinary.

Take a look at our corporate glamping conference here:

The Event Experts

Run For The Hills is a division of Elsewhere, the events experts.

This puts us in a pretty unique position - we own all of the assets that it takes to create big experiences.

The venue is the starting point and it's your experience that you come for.

At Run For The Hills we're driven by the experience - it's about bringing your group together spectacularly.

We think it's about how you feel.

That's what you will remember.

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Aunty Elsie's Pop Up Tea Room...

...with smoking cocktails.

Aunty Elsie's powers all the bars + food at Hill House Norfolk and Lea Valley View.

We've collided a cocktail bar into a tea room at 100mph to create a real afternoon spectacle.

Think mad hatter displays, black forest daiquiris out of vintage china, popping candy brownies, sandwiches - you get the picture. 

Aunty Elsie's owns the afternoon,

The Chateau Is Open For Business

Some places are really worth getting on a plane for and The Chateau is definitely one of them.

It's been the beneficiary of a 5m EUR restoration that combines design with its rich history to create a real rockstar place.

Take a look at the YouTube video to see some of the outside spaces around the pool - it's a seriously amazing place to hang out.

The scaffolding has now come down and The Chateau is open for business :)