Corporate Offsite Meeting With Glamping

OFFSITE Camping Retreat

Introducing a brand new way to conference or go offsite for an overnighter this Summer at Hill House Norfolk.

Combine the 9 bedroom Tudor Manor House and the Hill House Glamping Orchard to bring your team together in an extraordinary new way.

Our corporate glamping orchard combined with Hill House is a light-year away from the office yet only 90 minutes on the train from London….it’s really special and a break from the predictable and the formulaic.

And why not start your Hill House and glamping offsite as you mean to continue and we can pick you up from Diss station in the vintage coaches - they’re very cool and it gets everyone revved up about what’s ahead.

There’s lots of activities to choose from, amazing food and drink, lots of entertainment, different types of structures and the full Elsewhere experience from start two finish.

It’s really different and a break from the predictable hotel chains and with all the facilities of Hill House on-hand - whether you are looking for team building sessions, presentations, motivational speakers, breakouts, some valuable downtime or a great big party - we’ve got it covered (and usually it’s a bit of a mixture of all of the above!)

From more information on our glamping offsites take a look at our dedicated outdoor events website here:

Hill House and Glamping Orchard Offsite

Hill House and Glamping Orchard Offsite